Traditional Media Artworks Gallery

These are samples of my traditional media artworks. As usual, from fanart tributes to Rammstein and other famous people, to works inspired by poems or song lyrics, some things about my comic book characters, and lot of animals in any shape or form, realistic or not, you will find everything here. I mainly work with bic ballpoint, and Ecoline to color, but I use also acrylics, all kind of pencils, oil and more or less all the available materials.

01wolfhearthorsesketchesbbmcathorseonblackpaper tillecolinenaz3naz2naz1tillpinkbenedetta014 tillexpressions    tillbic8  pan021 tillacr tillmaya lillo ristorante1 ristorante2 ristorante3 litografia02126  36528_493220040774353_649077229_n aatiyah krusblack bladedunicorn bruce dita letz oldman oakfra003 tattoooutline tattooshadows saraezeb rzk tillcolor tommaso tillkiss tillgaetane liam3006 tillold kittysketches ichtudirweh140 istaaz ichtu emigrate foals freddie germanactor guia hannibal hepburn hopkins azar absinthecat nakodue008 lupo179 tillbic3 tillbic2 tillbic paul ollie doom doombic

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