Digital Media Artworks Gallery

These are samples of my digital artworks. From little stories I wrote (as Sarus, the 4 pages one you can find inside here) and illustrated, to fanart tributes to Rammstein and other famous people, works inspired by poems or song lyrics, stuff (covers, illustrations) about my comic book characters, to arrive finally on animals in any shape or form, realistic or not, you will find everything here. The base is always handmade drawings (some of them are visible in the work in progress album) that I do on paper: then I import the drawing with the scanner and I start coloring with the computer.

03idontbelievenero 02catwhiskers mayatesto absinthe montag meowlandfb rammici2 kruspeguitar sagomato2 rigelcut pegaso oldies23 ottobrecop micicase lily03 kruspemovie engelprint 2 engelbwprint LILYFACEBOOK gattivari gattogrigio horror cavallo1 ch2 cav03107 ch1 colore02 antescan aprilecop arco elk04 elk02 elk01 cover02 interlunium4 ila02 horse16b colore05 horse06 nightelf rage2 tillsparkle sort sigarettab sigaretta


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