Here you can find samples of my published comicbooks/graphic novels internal pages. Most of them are about Rigel, my vampire character published by paniniComics (the black and white with grey screen tones pages). But there are also some other stuff, like Luna, the one in a more teenage-colored cartoon style, and some more: random stuff, comedy strips, tributes. Everything that is about my comicbooks pages, well, you’ll find all samples here. Of course these are just some extracts from a lot of different books, so the pages are nearly never in sequential order, I just did randomly picked out some.


v15 v14 v13v12 v11 v10v09 v08 v07v06 v05 v04v03 v02 v01luna20 l19 l18l17 l15 l14l12 l11 l10l09 l08 l07l06 l05 l03l02 l01 comedy07comedy04 comedy02b comedy02a

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